Monday, June 20, 2016

The best source of healthy vegetable you can trust is growing them by your own !

More and more scientific studies have shown that eating lots of vegetables make you healthy (if they are free of pesticide residues). Healthy vegetables can be bought from [ "Organic" ] or "Pesticide free" shelves in any super markets (see the link for real meaning of the term organic).

But how much can you trust those labels ? Since you know everything about vegetables grown by yourself, they are the best source of healthy vegetables you can trust.

Let's grow vegetables ourselves as much as we can. The idea is putting least efforts in growing and taking care of them. I call it a "Lazy-But-Efficient" way of growing vegetables. The principles include:

  • Use no pesticide. Grow many kinds of vegetables in small scale to avoid insects and plant diseases.
  • Use least amount of soil, water and fertilizer.
  • Generate least waste, be friendly to environment.
  • Have fun, be a happy gardener.

Let's follow the guidelines above, post by post. Have a nice lazy-but-efficient and happy gardening.

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